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What are the most common menstrual disorders in women?

What are some common early pregnancy complications?

Endometriosis: What are the symptoms?

Pelvic pain: When should women seek medical help?

Clinical performance of M4 intervention study

Clinical Governance: An International Journal ( Volume 18, Issue 3) Introducing an acute gynaecology dashboard as a new clinical governance tool

Managing pregnancy of unknown location based on initial serum progesterone and serial serum hCG: development and validation of a two-step triage protocol.

Triaging pregnancies of unknown location: the performance of protocols based on single serum progesterone or repeated serum hCG levels.

Rationalizing the management of pregnancies of unknown location: temporal and external validation of a risk prediction model on 1962 pregnancies.

External validation of models and simple scoring systems to predict miscarriage in intrauterine pregnancies of uncertain viability.

Limitations of current definitions of miscarriage using mean gestational sac diameter and crown-rump length measurements: a multicenter observational study.

Gestational sac and embryonic growth are not useful as criteria to define miscarriage: a multicenter observational study.